The Daydream Collection

Featuring fresh and uplifting summer scents, crafted in ceramic vessels this candle brings the perfect accent to your summer mood. Each fragrance is inspired by your  summer strike a match and drift into your wonder world.

Infinite Lights

A gently-hammered exterior is treated with a diffused, patina shine, housing a fragrance blend of traditional Damask rose overlaid with geranium, lemon and apple, perfect for the festivities.

Classic, Timeless & Treasured

An elevating fragrance blend of leather and amber meets refreshing citrus and geranium notes in this regal scent, evoking a charm of royal heritage and colonial splendour.

The Lustre In Life

A fresh, coconut-meets-jasmine, tropical fragrance calls you to the beach shore, from a modern, organically mouth-blown design collection of opaline glass, perfect for contemporary living!