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Jai GuruJi | Inaara Candle

Rs. 1,599


Introducing The Inaara Collection: We believe in finding a pause, a few minutes to breathe deeply, calm our mind and introspect. Mindfulness is a key element to happiness and when you truly connect with your mind, you discover hidden wonders.

The Inaara Candles light up to ease you deeper into the moment of mindfulness, yoga or meditation. The candle comes in a white pearl lustre finish, with an ethereal, opalescent glow.

The fragrance of English Rose helps you balance your emotions, reconnect positively to what really matters and evoke feelings of Love, Trust, Peace and gratitude.


4"Height X3.50" Diameter


Burning hours : 70 hrs

Wax weight : 400 gms

Product weight : 620 gms

Eco-friendly soy wax blend.

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